One day in Burano – discover Venice lagoon islands

Veneto and Venice.

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One day in Burano – discover Venice lagoon islands.
One day in Burano: self guided day trip from Venice to discover Burano amazing colored houses,lovely Venice lagoon islands, secluded wineyards and delicious fish restaurants .
Tired of crowded Venice.
Hungry to discover a completely different environment , where the scenery seems frozen in time.
Then what you need is to spend one day in Burano and to enjoy the calm and beauty of Venice lagoon.
Actually most travellers visit 3 island at the same time, either self guided or with an organized tours.
Murano, Burano, Torcello, in this order .
My suggestion would be to go directly to Burano, so to skip the masses and to enjoy the island all for yourself.
You can then proceed to Torcello, before or after lunch, as you wish.
If your pocket s are deep enough, a lunch at the worldwide known Locanda Cipriani is a great experience, but an aperitivo could be good enough.
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Twenty top things to do in Venice

beyond the obvious.
The best twenty top things to do in Venice (plus two seasonal opportunities): my personal unmissable itineraries, .

Activities and experiences in Venice

I often receive quest ions such as “what are Venice highlights?” and “how long should we stay?” So I put together the things I like to do when I’m in Venice, to share them with you.
Whenever it made sense, I tried to make suggestions “beyond the obvious”, .

In order to make your Venice stay a really unique and memorable experience

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Fabulous Venice Carnival.
What to see.

Do and enjoy during Venice carnival

an unmissable Italian event.

Venice Carnival is much more than costumed chaos: parades

processions, masquerade balls, entertainment, music, and parties… well Venice Carnival will offer you everything you need to live a really unique and rewarding experience (especially if you manage to avoid week ends, when the town gets really crowded).

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Verona in one day.
Top things to do and see in Verona in one day.
A walking tour to discover in a day trip the top sights and attractions of Romeo and Juliet lovely town.  Few cities in Italy and in the world can be as romantic as Verona, arguably a perfect destination for lovers of all ages.
You can easily visit Verona in one day and enjoy everything you may desire from an Italian top destination .
Glorious past, beautiful setting, amazing monuments, delicious food, the story (legend?) of Romeo and Juliet… you name it, you’ll get it.
Oh, Verona is also listed among Italians  UNESCO World Heritage Sites.
Wine shop named after Romeo and Juliet in Verona city center Continue reading “Verona in one day”.
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Garda lake’s natural SPA.
Relax in natural hot water pools, surrounded by centenary trees and beautiful lawns, less than 20 minutes drive from Peschiera and Sirmione, and for a very reasonable price.
Yes you can, in the Parco termale del Garda (“Garda Thermal Park”).
The Garda Thermal Park is not a traditional health spa at all (if this is what you are looking for, you have many options in the Garda Lake area:
On the contrary, it’s much closer to a mountain lake surrounded by lush woods, but with hot water.
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Garda lake: biking tour on the Mincio river.
This is a fantastic off the beaten path itinerary in the Garda lake area, that will make you discover by bike delightful hamlets, ancient water mills and peaceful river banks. It’s a perfect family tour, my 9 years old boy was delighted to have accomplished such an “adventure” and spent hours staring at (and playing with.) the many water mills in Borghetto sul Mincio.
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Venice with kids – how to make it a memorable experience.
Top activities to do in Venice with kids: a two days itinerary for a great family experience.
How to engage and entertain your younger travel mates in Venice.
Visiting Venice can be a magical experience for kids, just like it is for their parents. My son is 9, and Venice is his favorite city, we have been visiting it at least  once per year in the last years.
However, in order to make your Venice with Kids experience a memorable success, you’ll need to tailor your itinerary and activities in order to best fit your children needs needs and to stimulate their interests.
In this post I put together all the “do and see” that I think kids will enjoy, based on my own travel experience with my son.
It’s actually rather “stuffed”, so up to you to select what to skip and what could be more adapted to your family, based on your interests, the available time, age and resistance of the kids, etc… Here are my suggestions for a two days stay.

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Gondolas and cicchetti.

Venice off the beaten path – discover Cannaregio

Districts of Venice – Cannaregio

(Photo credit: Wikipedia) Ok, that’s the classical tourist cliché: crowds jostling on the Rialto bridge, expensive Gondola tours, bored “Gondolieri” singing O Sole Mio (which, by the way, is a Napolitan song, not a Venetian song…).
Yes, you will have it all.
And, believe it or not, you will love it… But there’s a Venice outside the classical Station-Rialto-San Marco itinearary, which is worthwhile to discover.
And, by the way, you may discover that escaping from the crowd (and live for an hour or so like a true “Veneziano”) can save you quite a significant amount of money.

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but location is perfect to discover Barocco Rome by foot

Signature hotels.
Signature hotels.

The best place to stay to discover Italy

Charming boutique hotels, historical palaces, ancient castles, .

Gorgeous country houses will ensure a special flavor to your Italian trip

Choosing the right place to stay in Italy can make your Italian tour a truly memorable experience.
In this page I’m sharing my personal selection of Italian hotels: these are the hotels I sleep in when I travel around Italy, chosen after careful selection and many trials.
When I choose a hotel, my main selection criteria are location, ambiance and local flavor.
I look for comfort, not for luxury, and I always try to find hotels with awesome views or located in great settings.
Most of them will be in the 100-200 €/night price range (but look on for promotions!) Best hotels in Venice By far my favorite hotel in Venice, the Foscary Palace is very conveniently located between the station and San Marco, just in front of the Rialto market, that you can reach by the “local” Gondola service (2 €) A good alternative , off the beaten path in the Dorsoduro Neighbourhood, is the hotel Pausania.
It occupies a gothic palace, and is incredibly romantic.

Best hotels in Florence I recently discovered the Grand Hotel Cavour

thanks to a promotion, and I made it my preferred hotel in Florence.

It is located between the cathedral and Palazzo Vecchio

perfect location to discover Florence by feet.
Special bonus: a fantastic t errace overlooking the cathedral wile sipping a cocktail.
Simply wow.
Best hotels in Tuscany country side There are dozens of great accommodation s were you could stay to enjoy the lovely Tuscany country side.
To visit the area around Siena, I would suggest to sleep in Monteriggioni, lovely medieval fortified village. Sleep either in Hotel Monteriggioni or in the Hotel Castel Pietraio (it’s a true castle!) In the area of Pienza (your destination for the Val ‘Orcia), you will find another true castle, the agriturismo la Grancia, which occupies part of the old Castello di Spedaletto, which was built in the XII century along the old Via Francigena (the path followed by pilgrims walking their way down to Rome).
Your kids will love it.

Best hotels in Rome My pic in Rome is the Hotel la Lumiere

a delightful hotel hidden a few blocks away from the Spanish steps, in posh via Condotti (Rome shopping street).
Rooms can be a little small, but location is perfect to discover Barocco Rome by foot, .

And breakfasts are served on a lovely terrace overlooking Rome ancient roofs

The Hotel La Lumiere belongs to a small chain

with to other similar hotels (not tested).
This is just a quick selection.
Want more.
drop me a note.
Have your own preferred hotel.
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Menu Category: Nepal

Menu Category : Nepal.
Posted in , , Tagged , , , , , , , , , , , , , , For  For photo blog  Encounter With Wild Animals At Chitwan National Park .
July 21, 2018July 24, 2018 Posted in , , Tagged Animals, , Birthday, , , , Chitwan, Chitwan National Park, Explore Nepal, , , , , , , Rhinos, , , , , Wild Animals, Wildlife Photography 11 Comments I wanted to do something wild on my birthday, .

So I arranged a meeting with deers and rhinos at the Nepal’s famous Chitwan National Park

I crossed the beautiful Rapti river to reach the main entrance of the Park

which is a World Heritage Site.
There I joined a group of eight tourists and a guide, on a jeep safari .
The bumpy ride began in the hot and humid climate and we saw huge trees and an array of vegetation.
But no one looked excited for not being able to spot any wild animal.
After almost one hour, our patience paid – we saw a couple of rhinos and deers.
We also came across some very beautiful and colorful birds and langurs, much to the delight of my co-travelers.

There was a Crocodile Breeding Center too inside the park

but I chose to skip that as our jeep safari had already taken around five hours.

At the end I bid everyone goodbye and returned to my hotel at Sauraha Village

few meters away from the park.
The whole area is replete with hotels, resorts, cafes and bars.
So advance booking is not required even in peak season.
I stayed at a small hotel and its owner had arranged everything for me, including the safari trip to the park.
Besides, many tour operators provide other activities such as bird watching, hiking and cycling.
Two days are enough to explore the whole place.
In the evening, the place becomes more lively and soothing.

I reached Chitwan from Kathmandu via a deluxe bus

It took approximately five hours to reach there.
If you are an avid wildlife photographer do carry a zoom lens.
Also, do not forget to carry water bottle , sunscreen lotion and a hat.

For  For photo blog  My Pokhara Sojourm

June 29, 2018July 24, 2018 Posted in , , Tagged , , , , , , , , Nepal Tourism, , Phewa Lake, , , Pokhara, Pokhara Nature, , , ,.

9 Comments Pokhara is one of the top tourists destinations of Nepal

providing a major boost to the Himalayan country’s tourism sector.
Pokhara got added to my itinerary during my Nepal trip on the advise of some of my friends. The city attracts a large number of tourists as it is the starting point for them to kick off their trek to the Annapurna mountain.

Phewa Lake is one of the most attractive tourists spots in the city

offering stunning views.

During my two day-stay in Pokhara

I spent most of time on the bank of the lake, viewing endless sky and pristine water.
A number of water- sports activities are conducted on daily basis for tourist at the lake.
The prices of these activities are fixed so no scope of bargaining.
However, I opted not to indulge in any sports. When it comes to accommodations, the city is home to a number of hotels, hostels and resorts and one could easily avail them without much hassle. So advance booking is not required. A number of bars, cafes and restaurants will welcome you once you land there.
Interestingly, I found evening more relaxed and soothing than morning. Bikes and bicycles are available to explore the city, a place where I would like to come again and again.
For  For photo blog.
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Menu Win A Round-Trip Ticket

Menu Win A Round-Trip Ticket.
December 23, 2016January 17, 2017 Posted in , Tagged A380, Airbus, Follow My Blog, , Free Round-Trip Ticket, , , , Win a round-trip ticket for two to a dream destination onboard an A380.
Take your chance now.
All you need to do is answer a quest ion.
You can participate here.
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Beauty Of Fatehpur Sikri What To Do In Slovenia In 2017

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Blood Moon Rise.
Burning Bush.
Cosmic Arch.
Bergárfoss Lights.
Celestial Boneyard.
The Phoenix.
Cadillac Ranch.
Bandon Beach Night Skies.
SparksLake #2.
Peace Valley School .
Half Dome MilkyWay.
Lake Irene Night Skies.
Rialto Beach Night Skies.
Goblin Valley #27.
Ghosts Of The Past.
Guiding Lights.
Icelandic Lights #1.
Icelandic Lights #2.
Icelandic Lights #3.
Poudre Lake.
Rippled Reflections .
Goblin Valley #63.

The Maker Faire is Read More … Happening Bangalore

Inspiration – Fly and you will know.
June 27, 2016July 6, 2016 7 Comments Seldom we avoid doing new things due to some mental blocks.
For some it is fear of unknown, and for many it is inertia preventing them from breaking a routine.
I feel we should always be open for new experiences in day to day life, and try to do at least something which exposes our consciousness, and mind.

To the Read More … Adventure

Life Hacks, , adventure, awe, , earth, epsilon, , , , , mountain, , , paragliding, quote, shorts, , snow, sport Partners I – Looking Up Paragliding Partners in Sky.
June 26, 2016July 9, 2016 11 Comments Partners in Sky – This photo captures paragliding pilots circling in a thermal above the billing take-off.
Pilots follow a circular path in a rising draft of warmer air in order to gain height.
After sufficient height is gained, they head off to a next way point.
Paragliding pilots usually fly in a groups so that they can easily find Read More … Adventure , , adventure, bir-billing, , flying, , , paragliding, , , , Brexit – Easier said than done.
June 24, 2016June 24.

2016 Leave a comment … and finally

it happened.
A political earthquake has happened in the UK and its political and economic impact will slowly spread throughout the world.
Britons have voted to opt out of European Union .
About 52% of the population voted to leave and 48% voted to remain.
In the exact numbers.

A small fraction of 1,269,501 (1.2 million) people changed Read More …

Brexit, EU, leave, remain, Scotland, , uk, WhatNext Curve III – Paris Photographs.
June 23, 2016November 29, 2016 24 Comments [Click on images to view in LightBox]   In this blog, I have gathered a few photographs from my last year’s trip to Paris.
Paris has innumerable photography sites.
In this post, Parisian art and monuments are presented from a different perspective .
It is a collection of Paris photographs containing curve or curved structures.

Even simple day to day photography Read More … abstract

bridge, curves, eiffel tower, evening, Love, lovelock, notre dame, palace, Paris, , river, seine, stock photos, , versailles Short story – An invite for lunch.
June 22, 2016June 24, 2016 1 Comment They met at a metro station.
He fell for her immediately at a first sight.
Both of them walked around the local market, he, unwilling to spend too much money on a first date, he kept insisting he likes spicy and home cooked food.
After couple of weeks of dating, he received an invite for lunch.

Dressed in perfect white Read More … Writings Couple

Food, Love, lunch, spicy, story, veryshortstory, Writings Curve II – Eiffel Tower.
June 22, 2016June 24, 2016 5 Comments Eiffel curves – This huge arch at the base of Eiffel tower looks beautiful   Eiffel curves – Beautiful curved pattern of the steel mesh at the top most floor of Eiffel tower   Beautifully lit eiffel tower at night [Click on the photos to view them in light box]   I couldn’t resist the second post for this challenge.
Read More … , , arch, Challange, curve, , eiffel, evening, France, metal, Paris, , shapes, , truss Curve I – Mesmerizing Spiral Kannur lighthouse.
June 21, 2016June 27, 2016 7 Comments Mesmerizing spiral straicase at Kannur lighthouse [click on the photo to view in light box]   I went on a bike trip to Kannur with my best buddy in the month of February 2016.
We visited the Kannur Lighthouse during this trip.
Visitors were allowed to visit the top of the lighthouse.
To reach to the top, we had to Read More … , , , abstract, , curve, , gopro, Kerala, , shape, spiral, staircase, , unique TED – Misconceptions about Rewards Driven Motivation.
May 22, 2016June 24, 2016 Leave a comment Career analyst Dan Pink examines the puzzle of motivation, and misconceptions surrounding rewards driven motivation.
Starting with a fact that social scientists know but most managers don’t: Traditional rewards aren’t always as effective as we think.
See the video below, which summarizes years of ignored research, and underlines that higher rewards does not always yield higher performances.

For performing Read More … Life Hacks

, Life hacks, Motivation, Rewards, Science, TED talks, What matters is, what you scatter.
February 13, 2016June 24, 2016 Leave a comment Transcript of the keynote from the 55th IIT Kharagpur Convocation “WHAT MATTERS IS NOT WHAT YOU GATHER, BUT WHAT YOU SCATTER” ….
You can convince yourself about the reasons for not exercising—no time, the peer pressure to socialize, the difficulty of a club membership, and logistics problems.
However even if these are valid.

You can always go for a walk Read More …

Speech, When Photoshopping is Caught ;).
December 4, 2015June 24, 2016 Leave a comment This is what happens when poor Photoshopping attempt is caught.
So, our Indian Prime Minister Shri.
Narendra Modi visited Chennai to take the stock of flood situation.
Situation in Chennai is indeed grim, and help is pouring from all sides.
After the visit, PM also announced release of funds from centre to TN government to help rescue and rehabilitation.

He Read More … Timepass Comedy

Epic Fail, modi, Politics, satire, trolls Highlights of the Mini Maker Faire, Bangalore.
October 24, 2015June 24, 2016 Leave a comment The Workbench projects had organized a Mini Maker Faire in association with NASSCOM at (Taj Vivanta, Yeshwantpur) Bangalore on 15th October 2015.
I was attending such maker-faire for the first time.
It was like a fun science-art exhibition.
People from various walks of life, from youngsters to elders, have made something and presented their creations there.
The Maker Faire is Read More … Happening Bangalore, Faire, Maker movement Power and Art of Asking.
September 29, 2015June 24, 2016 1 Comment Many of the problems we face in our day-to-day lives are because we do not (or hesitate) to ask.
How many times you took wrong decisions, purchased something which did not fit your needs, got lost in an unknown city, or missed interesting deals; just because you did not ask?.
It is difficult to ‘ask’ for help.

If we ask Read More … amanda palmer

, , self help, TED, Har Ki Dun Trek Blog – Day 3 – Sankri to Seema.
September 27, 2015June 24.

2016 Leave a comment Flickr Photo Gallery of Har Ki Dun Trek

Day 3: This post is a continuation of the previous post.
See this post for detailed summary and itinerary of the Har Ki Dun trek.
Day 3, Monday, 18th May 2015: Sankri to Seema : Our plan was to leave on time at 7.30 am.

So that we reach our first stop Read More … Treks Har Ki Dun

Himalayas, Seema, Taluka, Trek J’s Cafe – New Restaurant in Bangalore.
September 26, 2015June 24, 2016 Leave a comment   Name J’s Cafe Where (Besides Vapour Pub) 100ft Road, Indiranagar, Bangalore Type of Food Vegetarian and Non-Vegetarian Food Items Pizza, Pasta, Burger, Snacks, Pastries, Croissant, and Puffs Seating Wooden table and chairs, Air conditioned Cost Moderate Timings 10 am to 10 pm (approx) Today I found yet another new restaurant in Bangalore – J’s Cafe !.

It is located Read More … Cafe Bangalore

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While… Read More


7 Wheelchair Accessible Things You Need to Do in Tallinn

By The beautiful historic city of Tallinn, Estonia is well worth a visit, though it does present a number of challenges to wheelchair users .
While… Read More , , , Trekking Th rough the Wheelchair Accessible Viru Bog in Estonia.
By When I visited Tallinn, Estonia for the first time in February 2016, I fell in love.

It was freezing and snow was falling faster… Read More

, , , My Wheelchair Accessible Day Trip to the Medieval City of Tallinn, Estonia.
By While researching for my recent visit to Finland, I saw that day trips from Helsinki were quite popular.

Helsinki is in a fantastic location… Read More